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Facilitate public access to natural health products of superior quality

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, you will benefit from personalized, reliable service at the cutting edge of natural health product standards and trends. Our services range from simple direct distribution to tailor-made consulting services.


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You are a manufacturer and want to increase your sales, develop new marketsor acquire new territories, we are here for you.

Our clients grant us with their considerable trust and we assure them integrity and respect.We recognize the importance of your corporate image and reputation. This is why we use our many years of experience in sales and business relationships, a guarantee of our mutual success!

Sales team & customer service

Our sales team and customer service proves itself. In addition to our account managers, we use our network of contacts across Canada to get the job done efficiently. We meet store managers and we make sure they make orders regularly.In Quebec, we distribute your products directly to the major health food stores and larger chains, selected drugstores and many leading spas.

Wholesale & retail pricing

Trust that we will help you determine where your products fit in the existing marketplace to move your business forward. Among other things, we can recommend volume discount scenarios in order to assess the amount of investment that is required to penetrate new markets.

Publicity & promotions

Take advantage from our expertise in promotions and co-op planning! We will provide you with an outline of the advertising and amount required to reach your target market. In addition, we frequently communicate with merchants to create excitement around your products.



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Distribution and sales areas have no secrets for us. Whether it’s to help youto plan a new product launch, train retailers or organize a demonstration,our team has all the necessary qualifications.

We know the market trends, new manufacturers and retailers as well as consumer needs. We are proud to share this information with our customers, to their great satisfaction!

Product launch planning

We can collaborate with you for the launch of your new products by evaluating the market, the competition and the challenges in order to make your products available to many consumers.

Marketing & sales

The focal point of our marketing strategy is the therapeutic aspects of the products rather than their natural identity. Our marketing actions can include:

  • Documentation for consumers (brochures, flyers)
  • Advertising in natural health products publications and in stores’ flyers.
  • Training of in-store consultants
  • Etc…

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The reputation of our brokerage services is probably
one of the best in Quebec! We are in constant relation
with all the distributions levels of natural health products.

In addition, we participate in many large-scale trade fairs which allows to increase the visibility of the brands and promote featured products. These include, among others:


  • Fairs, shows and conferences of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) (Montréal – Toronto – Vancouver)

  • L’Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert (Québec – Montréal)

  • Etc…

«We are always ready to take upnew challenges. The idea to represent other brands and products makesus enthusiastic!»

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Logistics / Storage

Mindful of offering the best solutions to the challenges our clients face, we now provide logistics and storage services.

Our Health Canada licence includes importation, repackaging and labelling permits.

At your disposal :

  • 800 linear feet for logistics that can be increased based on needs

  • Storage of 150 pallets or more based on needs

  • Competitive rates, per pallet or per shelf

  • Controlled temperature

  • Special packaging

  • Shipping

  • Billing

  • Inventory control

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Our Health Canada licenceincludes importation, repackagingand labelling permits.